Rabbi's Study

The Rabbi's Study

The Rabbi is a teacher in Judaism. The Rabbi acts as a spiritual leader and as a religious teacher of a Jewish community or congregation. The founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Australia is Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Australia released periodic study materials written by the Rabbi to teach and encourage the readers from the bible.

We try to reimagine what it would be like for our modern readers to sit down right beside God and have Him explain the scriptures to them. The reader would get invaluable insight into the scriptures that would bring about transformation, peace in the middle of the world’s issues, and a heart of love.

Our studies are designed to impart life-changing insight to the reader by breaking down the scriptures’ meaning by presenting carefully researched facts in an engaging, simple, and clear form.

A new study topic is picked and discussed regularly by different teachers of the scriptures. Readers are educated about Jewish customs and activities. For example, we examine the reason for celebrating holidays like the holiday of Sukkot, which is also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, and so much more. The readers are enlightened about Jewish culture.

Readers are also taught about the bible, the meaning of the events, instructions, and phenomena in the bible to help the readers gain more insight into the Torah and the bible. For example, a study of the Hebrew concept of the “Holy Tongue” can help us better understand the Torah generally.

We believe that the first step to fostering cooperation between Christians and Jews is to enable communication. Communication is crucial. For communication to be smooth, the parties must speak the same language. This is the hurdle we try to cross by teaching our readers about Jewish culture and faith. We believe that this understanding, insight, and knowledge of the Jewish culture will make communication much easier.

Readers get to read a study detailing the initial two thousand years of distrust, fear, and ignorance between the Christians and the Jews, the reasons for it, and how in recent times, there is a new trend of communication, coordination, and understanding being fostered between the two communities. Readers can learn about how the change came about and the reasons for the new outpouring of support for the Jews from the Christian.

Teachings are based right off on the Torah and the bible. Every lesson is in line with God’s commands and will as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, designed to provide you with knowledge in the things of God and encouragement for your daily life.

Please read and enjoy the stories written by Rabbi Eckstein. We hope that you are blessed through the words. Learn the important lessons and internalise the important teachings in them, and we hope that it will transform your life.

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