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The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Australia is a fellowship concerned with fostering cooperation and understanding between the Christians and the Jews in the world today and providing support for the Jewish people and the state. Therefore, the fellowship is involved in a variety of activities aimed at creating this new world that it envisions.

If you share the same vision as the fellowship, you have a part to play. It is by working together that we can bring about the change that we so desire. A 2000-year long history of distrust and ignorance will not happen overnight. It takes concerted efforts and time. It requires all hands on deck.

You can get involved with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Australia by receiving our newsletter, praying for Israel, and learning how you can stand for Israel.

Receive Our Newsletter

The fellowship regularly releases newsletters online. Our e-newsletters help you stay informed about the issues affecting the Jewish people, Israel, and the relations between the Jews and Christians. It has monthly information and comes with all the crucial information you need to stay informed.

Each newsletter contains commentary from the founder, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, an “Ask the Rabbi” section in which Rabbi Eckstein answers questions about the Jewish life and faith, the roots of Christianity in the Jewish faith, and a reader’s digest of news articles reporting Israel related matters, the years’ corner, recommendations from the Rabbi and so much more.

Pray for Israel

It is important to pray for Israel. It is important to pray for the people in Israel who are struggling, suffering, and fighting to thrive in the midst of physical, spiritual, and even political warfare. We must also pray for Israel because that is what God commands. Throughout the Bible, He commands that we provide support and aid to Israel.

The prayers of the fellowship are for God to bless the state and shield it, grant good counsel to the leaders, help the Israelis in diaspora and bring them back home safely, help to build love and reverence for the name of God and speedily send the Messiah to those who want salvation. We hope that you join us in praying for the people and the State of Israel.

How You Can Stand for Israel

You can stand for Israel by spreading the word in your community. Israel needs to have friends in the society that understand what is going on in Israel and are ready to make a difference. Beyond government officials, the normal members of society can also play a huge role. The members of your society, when enlightened about Israel, will become good allies and friends.

This is why we need your help to spread the word in your community. This can take several forms. You could spread the word at an informal level by making a conscious effort to talk about Israel with close people like your friends, neighbours, and co-workers daily. Talk about how Israel and Australia are friends and why you think Australia should support the Jewish state.

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