The Rabbi's Commentary

Israel in the News is one of the sections of the study. This section contains the leading stories and news concerning Israel in the world. It contains current stories and developing events with Jewish people and the Jewish state across the world. This section is updated to keep you up to date with current information.

The fellowship regularly releases newsletters online. Our e-newsletters help you stay informed about the issues affecting the Jewish people, Israel, and the relations between the Jews and Christians. It has monthly information and comes with all the crucial information you need to stay informed.

Each newsletter contains commentary from the founder, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, an “Ask the Rabbi” section in which Rabbi Jael Eckstein answers questions about the Jewish life and faith, the roots of Christianity in the Jewish faith, and a reader’s digest of news articles reporting Israel related matters, the years’ corner, recommendations from the Rabbi and so much more.

The mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Australia is to foster better understanding and relations between the Jews and the Christians, to build support for the state of Israel, and foster cooperation towards the building of a more moral society through dialogue, sensitisation and the Education of people of faith all around the world.

For this mission to be achieved, it is expedient to educate as many people as possible about Israel, the issues facing Israel, and what they can do, in their little way, to bring about a change in the situation. Each commentary presents encouragement to the members of the community. It seeks to enlighten them and ensure that they are poised to act from a place of knowledge and strength rather than ignorance.

The commentary includes life-changing insight from the Rabbi. He breaks down the scriptures’ meaning by presenting carefully researched facts in an engaging, simple, and clear form. This ensures that the congregation can learn. Each week, a new topic is discussed by the Rabbi. In turn, it allows the readers to receive relevant knowledge about Jewish customs and activities. For example, we examine the reason for celebrating holidays like the holiday of Sukkot, which is also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, and so much more. The readers are enlightened about Jewish culture.

Readers are also taught about the bible, the meaning of the events, instructions, and phenomena in the bible to help the readers gain more insight into the Torah and the bible. For example, a study of the Hebrew concept of the “Holy Tongue” can help us better understand the Torah generally.

The fellowship also released a newsletter to keep you informed on the activities of the fellowship. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Australia is a non-profit, philanthropic organisation. It receives donations from its members that are used to help Jewish people in need worldwide. This newsletter is designed to keep the fellow members and the interested public informed of its activities and who it’s helping.

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